SattaMassagana Wake Up List

43 songs
2 - Low randomness

Reggae music is the connection of the caribbean people with their african roots and heritage in music. The drum beat of all music in the caribbean is a mirror image of the drumbeat in Africa. During the years reggae has become the main musical connectivity with oneself and the natural irietes of the rastafarian culture. The "Sattamassagana Wake Up List" playlist host a re-invention of the original Satta Massagana rhythm originally produced by the Abyssinians iconic group. On this playlist there are veteran as well as upcoming reggae star artists who have devoted their time and lyrics on this current riddim. Stars such as Winston McAnuff, Don Yute, Teeardropz, Ras Ash 1st, Jah Myhrakle, Jah Defender, Jah Art, Mikey Lion, Shawn Adaan, Drivah, Bastic, Youngwildapache, Sash Muzique, Fidel , Sgt Remo, CK Pragmatic and Mr. Program all contributed to the Satta Riddim as well as LT aka Phocas, Anthony B, Capleton who lend their vocals by way of Manatee Records on Capleton's "One Mission" Album. The Playlist gives the listener the roots and new sounds of reggae music.

Submitted 15/5/2021 by  manateercd 
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